Innovation Cases


"Innovation Cases" is an activity to introduce the latest cases of technology development and diffusion which are expected to contribute to climate change in the fields of energy and environment. The activity helps us to understand the state and trends of innovations, and also provides useful information for creating new innovations in the fields of energy and environment.

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Category Title Organization
Technologies foreseen by 2050 New materials for photocatalysts to produce hydrogen Osaka University
Technologies foreseen by 2050 High efficiency ammonia synthesis from water and nitrogen Giner Inc., Newton, MA
Technologies foreseen by 2050 Advanced small modular reactor (aSMR) Advanced Reactor Concepts, LLC.
Technologies foreseen by 2050 Capture and conversion of atmospheric CO2 into carbon nanotubes C2CNT LLC
Technologies foreseen by 2050 Turning carbon dioxide into concrete University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
CO2Concrete, LLC
Technologies foreseen by 2050 Development of a new, low combustible electrolyte for lithium ion batteries Hitachi and the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials of Tohoku University
Technologies foreseen by 2050 The world's first 100 kW class demonstration test of ocean current power generation NEDO and IHI Corporation
Business Model Transformation Converting waste heat into electricity Climeon
Business Model Transformation Delivering 100 MW storage within 100 days Tesla, Inc.
Business Model Transformation The world’s first hydrogen-powered train Alstom

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