Invitation for participating the ICEF2022
“Business Pavilion”


ICEF is an international conference organized by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and held annually from October 2014. The ICEF 2022, the ninth conference, is scheduled to be held on October 5 (Wed) - 6 (Thu), 2022. Last year, the conference was held under the Covid-19 disaster, and although it was held online, we received more than 2,000 registrations for participation from Japan and abroad.
We are considering establishing a "Business Pavilion" at this international conference to introduce case studies of innovations related to climate change countermeasures and to promote the spread of related innovations. The "Business Pavilion" will be a physical venue for the conference and a virtual venue on the web, where exhibitors will introduce their innovations and inform participants of the latest trends in related innovations.

Exhibit Details

Exhibitors will be provided with the following opportunities to introduce innovative businesses/technologies that contribute to carbon neutral measures.

Physical Venue

  • Exhibit on digital signage located on the conference flow line
  • Video broadcast during the ICEF 2022

Virtual Venue

  • Related materials (PDF)
  • Video (YouTube) Introduction
  • Inquiry form
  • Related URLs

Sectors of interests

Innovative businesses/technologies regarding the following five themes

  • Demand-driven Energy Transformation
    Innovations to assist the behavioral change in enhancing energy efficiency and utilizing renewable energy
  • Heat and Transport
    Innovation of alternative energy (hydrogen, synthetic fuel, etc.) to decarbonize thermal energy demand of industry and household and transportation sector especially aviation and shipping
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies
    Nature-based negative emissions technologies such as that utilize natural resources, such as forest, soil, and ocean and other negative emission technologies
  • Sustainable Nuclear Systems
    Sustainable nuclear system especially for radioactive waste disposal and flexible nuclear system harmonizing usage, scale, and regional characteristics
  • Critical Metals and Minerals
    Innovations for securing a stable supply of critical metals and minerals in the context of achieving carbon neutrality such as developing alternative materials, urban mining for a circular economy

Benefits and burdens for exhibitors

Benefits for Exhibitors

  • Present your technology/business to national and international executives at physical and virtual conference venues of the ICEF 2022
  • Exhibit digital signage at the venue
  • Provide you with the results of the analysis of the number of visitors to the virtual venue (individual company/personal information will not be included).
  • The results will continue to be available on the ICEF website after the conference (or can be removed upon request).


  • There is no exhibition fee.
  • If you come to the venue, you will be responsible for travel expenses.


  • Creating manuscripts for digital signage at venues
  • Content creation for virtual venues
    • PDF file of company/technology introduction
    • Video of up to 3 minutes in length (if you have a suitable existing YouTube video, that's fine)
    • URL of the company/technology's website

Manuscripts and contents (PDF and video) must be appropriate for a government-sponsored conference and free of excessive sales elements, including price indications. The secretariat will review the content and may ask for adjustments if necessary.

Schedule (revised)

End of August Application to exhibit
Mid-September PDF file, video file, URL submission
Late September Confirmation of exhibit image at physical and virtual venues

*For those who had applied by End of July, there is no change in the schedule as below.

End of August PDF file, video file, URL submission
Mid-September Confirmation of exhibit image at physical and virtual venues

How to Apply

Monday, August 29, 2022, 12:00 p.m. Closing date
Please apply at the URL below. Please apply as soon as possible, as space is limited.
Please note that even if you apply, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Click here to apply

Contact (c/o Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.)