June 29, 2022
News Release
ICEF Secretariat

ICEF was featured in G7 Science Ministers’ Communiqué

The mention of ICEF in G7 Science Ministers’ Communiqué

About G7 Science Ministers Meeting

G7 Science Ministers Meeting was held from June 12 to 14. The meeting discussed issues such as freedom in science and research, research on climate change, and issued a ministerial communiqué as a result.

The mention of ICEF in Communiqué

In the Communiqué, CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) was mentioned as a necessary supplement to greenhouse gas emissions, and ICEF was mentioned as an initiative tackling CDR which G7 supports its development.

“We also support the development of a landscape analysis of existing CDR-related initiatives for example the Mission Innovation Carbon Dioxide Removal Initiative or the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum, to identify clear research gaps and encourage coordination.” G7 Science Ministers' Communique (Excerpt)

In response to this mention, Mr. Tanaka, the chair of ICEF Steering Committee, commented as below.
“ICEF has been focusing on the importance of CDR and developed a roadmap in 2018 on the topic of Direct Air Capture (DAC), a technology of physical or chemical separation and concentration of CO2 from ambient air. Subsequently, the CDR was discussed in a session at the ICEF Annual Meetings, and roadmaps on Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage(BiCRS)in 2020, and on Carbon Mineralization, a natural process in which CO2 becomes bound in rocks as a solid mineral, in 2021 were developed. It is a great honor to receive the recognition from G7 about ICEF’s foresight. We will continue our discussion about CDR at this year’s ICEF Annual Meeting.”

ICEF 2022 will hold sessions related to CDR, where speakers will present their initiatives and engage in multifaceted discussions.

The Announcement of the 9th ICEF Annual Meeting(ICEF 2022)

ICEF 2022 will be held from October 5 (Wed) to 6 (Thu). The program and registration form will be available in this website soon.

[FYR] Past ICEF initiatives related to CDR technology


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